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The development of intelligence has greatly facilitated our lives, and smart home appliances have become the first choice for many users. But for the older generation, smart home appliances are actually not very smart. After all, they have to open the mobile APP to control them. Many of the old people’s mobile phones have WeChat APP on the mobile phone. It is difficult to talk about other apps, which leads to enjoyment. Bring the fun of intelligence. Yunmi has long considered this. Why not put the control terminal in a place that everyone can reach? For home appliances, the built-in panel of the refrigerator is the most ingenious solution, and the Yunmi 21face428L smart refrigerator can make friends of different ages enjoy the intelligence better.


One of the features of the Yunmi 21Face 428L smart refrigerator is that it has a 21-inch large IPS touch screen. This screen can be used as a terminal for smart devices in the home. In the screen, you can turn on the lights in the home, turn on the sweeping robot, open the curtains, and control the water temperature of the smart water heater. And other functions, to achieve the whole house interconnection, easy to use, easy to operate, very suitable for friends of different ages at home, to solve the troubles of elderly users will not use APP.


Yunmi 21Face 428L smart refrigerator This 21-inch large IPS touch screen playability can be said to be very high, it is simply moving the entire entertainment system in the home into the kitchen, so that the housewife is bored three days of life is no longer depressed. In this screen you can achieve listening to songs, chasing dramas, reading recipes, shopping, etc. It can be said to be very powerful. Are you still using the small screen of your mobile phone to check recipes? Yunmi has built in millions of recipes in the refrigerator, and you can look up the products you want to make at any time. The experience of the big screen is more clear. For the elderly with bad glasses, you don’t have to stare at the small screen of the mobile phone. And it's safer, no longer afraid of the problem of cell phone fever or falling.


xx在空间方面,Yunmi 21Face 428L智能冰箱428L的巨大空间足以满足多端口系列的需求。在冰箱的布局方面,Yunmi 21Face 428L智能冰箱配备243L冰箱和185L冰柜。 428L容量相当于两个普通双门冰箱的总和,它可以轻松容纳家庭的每周成分。特别是对于上班族来说,下班后不再需要每天去超市市场工作,并且在周末准备饭菜,节省更多时间。


与普通传统冰箱相比,云米21Face 428L智能冰箱可以说在设计,智能和杀菌方面更胜一筹,而且不用担心结霜。由于采用360°双温空冷循环系统和瓶架底部导风孔设计,冷空气沿门板双导风槽高效循环,冷却更均匀。避免直接吹气,降低温差,防止风干,保持新鲜。没有霜冻和冷藏,告别解冻的麻烦。在灭菌方面,专利的磁性过滤器元件安装在出风口,灭菌率高达99.9%,确保每天食用干净无菌的食材。



智能冰箱在任何方面都优于传统冰箱,智能体验是传统冰箱无法比拟的。由于21英寸大屏幕的祝福,冰箱在设计上也更加大气,技术十足,使整体智能家居风格有了一些档次提升。对购买冰箱最感兴趣的朋友,云米21face428L智能冰箱确实是不错的选择,适合年轻人和老年人,满足各种需求,值得考虑。好朋友可以去Yunmi Tmall旗舰店购买!